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Emergency Dentistry

Dental Trauma, Emergencies and Pain Relief

Dental Trauma

If it happens that you or your child sustain dental trauma such as a broken, fractured or displaced (avulsed) tooth there is no reason for alarm, as long as quick action is taken. Stay calm and calm your kid. If available you can take pain relieving and inti-inflammatory medication. Phone our emergency number immediately.


In cases of trauma the consequences for the tooth may differ depending basically on the intensity of the trauma:

  • Dental fracture due to trauma may not affect the dental pulp or

  • May affect the dental pulp, or

  • The trauma may leave it exposed or

  • The tooth may be luxated. In such case the tooth can return to its position either spontaneous or with external aid or

  • The tooth may be completely avulsed.



Dental trauma, teeth missing Dentist in Pretoria

Treatment also differ, depending on the intensity of the trauma:

  • If the dental pulp is exposed, endodontic treatment is usually required, with a later reconstruction of the crown by whatever method is indicated. 

  • If luxation occurs, the tooth should be repositioned and splinted for a certain time.

  • If the tooth is avulsed, its replacement may be attempted if it has not been contaminated. The avulsed tooth may be preserved in a saline solution, milk (see below photo) or even the patient's mouth until it is reinserted.

Dentist in Wonderboom Tooth in milk


Dr. Reiners also offers a service to treat dental emergencies, such as dental trauma, soft tissue injuries and pain relief:


  • Soft tissue injuries

    Soft tissue injuries due to any force must be treated with great care. If the injury caused the skin and mucosa to burst open, the treatment normally consist disinfecting and suturing of the wound. Dr. Reiners will always take x-rays to make sure that there are no underlying trauma to the teeth and bones. If the soft tissue injury does not present a open wound, the effect of the trauma, in most cases, lies deeper and then Dr. Reiners does a thorough examination of the underlying structures (bones, joints,  teeth). Any internal bleeding must be treated with extreme care.

  • Pain relief 

    Dental pain may be caused by so many factors and it is therefore very important to diagnose the cause of the pain.


  • Dr. Reiners always does a thorough clinical examination as well as radiographic evaluation to get to the reason for the pain.

  • If necessary he does a pulp test as well. 

  • Treatment normally includes standard fillings, endodontic treatment, extraction, anti-inflammatory medication, antibiotics incase of abscesses, muscle relaxants and pain medication.

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